Rates & Equipment


Every project is unique and requires a different approach. So get in contact so we can discuss your project.



The studio is packed with guitars, tube amps and cabinetts. A large variety of analog hi-quality microphones, pre-amps and compressors. 


  • Microphones - Shure, Neumann, Röde, Ehrlund, Audix etc.
  • Pre-Amps - Focusrite, SSL, Warm Audio, TLAudio, RME etc.
  • Monitoring - Genelec, Yamaha NS10, KRK, NHT etc.
  • Acoustic Guitars - Tanglewoods
  • Electric Guitars - Fenders, Gibsons, Kramers, Squires, Ibanez etc
  • Basses - Fender, Gibson, Ibanez
  • Amps - Ampeg SVT Classic, Marshall AFD100, Marshall SL-X, Marshall 6100LE, Marshall JMP MKII -74, ENGL Artist Edition, Wizard Modern Classic, Elk F-61 etc
  • Speaker Cabinett - Serveral 4x12" & 2x12" cabinetts loaded with different speakers. Brands like Celestion, Marshall, ENGL, Ampeg etc
  • DAW Cubase 8.5 & 9.5 Pro Edition
  • Wavelab 9 Pro
  • MASSIVE amouts of premium Plug-ins including Slate Digital, Waves, Softube, Eoisis etc
  • Great sounding live drum room
  • Great sounding mix room that's professionally treated for optimal frequency response. Full range speakers from 32Hz and up. 

Great service and expertise in everything we do